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We are confident you'll enjoy working with us. No other local competitor has the same technique and high-end work ethic. Our goal is perfection or as close to it as possible.

We're trained and safe with our work, using special procedures that follow OSHA's Safety and Fall Protection standard. We only use re-washable cloth towels. Our liquids and soaps are ammonia free and bio-degradable.

We value your time and therefore are in uniform and ready to go by the time agreed upon. 

-Licensed, Insured and Bonded-

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Owner - Jose Mundo

Cellphone - 503-901-9097

Office Phone - 360-859-3022

Fax - 360-718-8527

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Already Have an Estimate Scheduled? Help Us Out!

We often get asked if there is anything you can do to help us out on the day we scheduled before we get there. YES!

If we are cleaning windows inside, you can help us out by removing loose items from the windowsill or any decorations from the window glass. We would also appreciate moving light furniture away from the window enough so someone could squeeze behind it.

If we are window cleaning outside, any patio items like grills or lawn chairs in the way of the window could be moved.

If we are power washing the house please make sure to close any open windows.

We work hard to work quickly and efficiently, and we appreciate any help you can give us before we even get there!

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